Who Pays Council Tax – Tenant Or Landlord?

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Council tax is one of several important payments you will likely have to make when you move into a property, but a lot of tenants question whether they or the landlord are responsible for payment. In the vast majority of cases, and unless otherwise specified, council tax liability rests with the tenant. If you are… Read more »

What Does PCM Mean In Rent?

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When looking at rental properties, you might see rent displayed as being PCM. PCM stands for Per Calendar Month and means that the rent due would be taken from you on the same date every month. PCM is one of a number of rental terms available. You might see some ads offering rent PW, or… Read more »

What Does Let Agreed Mean?

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Let agreed is one of several terms that you might see on property boards, along with “Let” and “To Let”. Let agreed means that there is a deal in principle between the landlord and a potential tenant, although they are waiting for the deal to be finalised. There are several stages to renting a property…. Read more »