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During our last blog, we talked about how Haboth is looking to change the way letting agents are viewed by landlords. This time we want to explain what we can offer to tenants, to make the letting experience better.

Being a letting agent is a slightly unique business when it comes to customer service. We as a letting agent have two customers with each transaction, the landlord who has entrusted us with their property, an asset, which is often a way of earning a living or an investment for the future. Then there is the tenant, for the tenant, the property is their home and should be respected as such. We understand this unique three way customer relationship and always make sure we treat both parties with respect.

For some time now, the government has been discussing the banning of letting agent’s fees. This ban was supposed to come in to being in April 2018, but due to the ongoing Brexit negotiations, has been postponed until 2019. With this in mind we have set up Haboth to be prepared for this, making sure that fees are low for tenants now and that they won’t need to be passed on to landlords (which will inevitably lead to higher rents) when the time arises. Our organisation has been set up to be as stream lined as possible so we can ensure that tenants are checked properly and regulations adhered to without that cost being passed on to either tenants or landlords. For example, many agents will charge for created or reissuing a tenancy agreement, sometimes to the landlord and the tenant, our standard agreement takes five minutes to complete so you will never be charged for this, the same goes for inventories or checks, it’s all part of the service.

We are even going further in our attempts to making sure moving home doesn’t cost the earth and is fairer to tenants. We have started working with Canopy using their Deposit Free scheme. Instead of paying a month’s rent (or more) as a deposit, tenants can now save hundreds of pound not to mention help you improve your credit score, more on that another time.

We’re also committed to making sure repairs are carried out as soon as possible, again this

Finally we are always looking to improve on the service we offer and will be explaining in coming months more about the following:

  • How we are best positioned to respond to and fix repairs.
  • Online applications.
  • Online reporting of maintenance issues.

Everything is designed to make being a tenant or landlord easier.

We are geared up to find the best tenants and keep them happy so they stay as long as possible, to find out more, contact us on 0333 012 4895.

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