More Than 30,000 Properties Being Let Illegally

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A recent study on the reliability of Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) has shown that more than 30,000 properties in the UK could be let illegally. The study by property technology firm Spec has suggested that landlords could unknowingly be letting out properties because of the use of inaccurate measuring standards and practices are being used… Read more »

Rents Rise As Rental Market Picks Up

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Recent rental market figures show that rental prices have increased, making rental more expensive for tenants. Despite the increase, however, there has also been an upsurge in the number of properties on the market, and the number of properties that have been let. HomeLet, the Deposit Protection Service, and the Office for National Statistics have… Read more »

Who Pays Council Tax – Tenant Or Landlord?

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Council tax is one of several important payments you will likely have to make when you move into a property, but a lot of tenants question whether they or the landlord are responsible for payment. In the vast majority of cases, and unless otherwise specified, council tax liability rests with the tenant. If you are… Read more »

What Does PCM Mean In Rent?

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When looking at rental properties, you might see rent displayed as being PCM. PCM stands for Per Calendar Month and means that the rent due would be taken from you on the same date every month. PCM is one of a number of rental terms available. You might see some ads offering rent PW, or… Read more »

What Does Let Agreed Mean?

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Let agreed is one of several terms that you might see on property boards, along with “Let” and “To Let”. Let agreed means that there is a deal in principle between the landlord and a potential tenant, although they are waiting for the deal to be finalised. There are several stages to renting a property…. Read more »

Do Landlords Have A Duty Of Care To Neighbours?

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Credit checks and landlord references can help prevent renting to some bad tenants, but these don’t cover all aspects of a person’s behaviour. They can’t predict whether a tenant will cause excessive noise or other problems that might cause neighbours to complain about their behaviour. As a landlord, you obviously want to keep tenants happy,… Read more »

Can Landlords Say No Pets UK

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According to RSPCA figures, approximately 44% of the UK’s population has one or more pets. It is considered something of a grey area whether tenants are permitted to keep pets in their property, even where pet clauses are included in the tenancy agreement. This is because some of the clauses are considered unfair, as set… Read more »

Tenant Fees

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Last week saw another step toward the banning of letting agents fees levied at tenants when the government published its “tenants fees bill”. Originally slated for April 2018, it has been postponed to Spring 2019, likely as a result of Brexit and for many it can’t come soon enough. A new rental is an expensive… Read more »

Customer Dissatisfaction

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So, a couple of months ago, we shared an article to our Facebook page from Landlord News, which explained that a staggering 87% of landlords would prefer to let directly to tenants, rather than through traditional letting agents following a survey by HomeRenter. The findings are quite interesting, with the following high on the list… Read more »