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Firstly if you are reading this, thank you. Thank you for taking the time to visit our website and for staying long enough to read our blog.

We would like to use this first post as a way of introducing Haboth Lettings to you and giving you an insight as to what sets us apart from other lettings agents.

Haboth Lettings has been established to make sure being a tenant or landlord is as stress free, pleasant and fair an experience as possible. It is our intention to bring award winning customer service to the rental sector. The customer service roll within letting is an unusual one, in so much as we have two customers to take care of with each transaction, the landlord and the tenant. For the landlord, the rental property is an asset, a form of income or part of their pension, for the tenant, it is their home and here at Haboth we respect both of these equally.

Since setting up Haboth, I came across this article by Penny Anderson in The Guardian, it’s from 2014 but it struck a chord, in particular the following:

Tenants and owners hate letting agents

Bad blood festers mostly because nobody is entirely sure what letting agents do. If tenants request repairs, they are usually referred straight back to the owner, and owners wishing for help with delinquent tenants are left to cope alone. Growing animosity is fuelled by the enormous fees paid by both tenants and owners, sometimes for the same service, such as £300 for photocopied contracts. I know from contacting previous landlords that expensive references are frequently not pursued, and yet we still pay for them.

This is exactly the reason Haboth was set up, to change the perception that letting agents don’t offer a valuable service.

Whether we as letting agents believe this to be fair or not is irrelevant, it is the perception held by the two most important groups of people in our business, the tenant and the landlord, and it is one we at Haboth will endeavour to change through strong communication and by offering great value, including the drive to eliminate admin and move in fees without passing the costs on to landlords.

Over the coming months, we will cover a variety of topics here, such as why we are the right choice for landlords and tenants, regulation changes, market updates and focusing on some of the businesses we have partnered with to help make being a tenant or landlord a more pleasant and fair experience.

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